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This web page (hereinafter bilbaoport website) is owned by the Bilbao Port Authority (hereinafter APB), domiciled in Campo Volantín 37, 48007 Bilbao.

The APB is the public organism responsible for managing the Port of Bilbao. It is subject to the Law 27/1992 dated 24 November on State Ports and the Merchant Navy modified by the Law 62 /97 dated 26 December on State Ports and the Merchant Navy and the Law 48/2003 dated 26 November on Financial Regulation and Provision of Services of Ports of General Interest.

The APB offers no guarantees whatsoever, neither explicit nor implicit, for the proper functioning of the bilbaoport website or the information, content, software, materials or products included in it insofar as permitted under the applicable legislation. Likewise, the APB will not be held responsible for the damages of any nature that may arise from the use of the bilbaoport website, including, amongst others, direct or indirect damage.

The APB will not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages they may arise from the interruption of the Service on part of the bilbaoport website or from its continuity. Likewise, the APB will not be held responsible for possible errors or security flaws that may occur during usage, on the part of the User, of a browser or non-updated or insecure version, as well as the activation of the registered User’s passwords or identification codes in the browser, or damages, errors or inaccuracies that may arise from its improper functioning.

The APB rules out any liability for the licitness, content and quality of the data and information offered by third parties in the bilbaoport website.

The APB bestows no guarantees whatsoever, neither expressly nor implicitly, as regards the information transmitted, distributed, published or saved in the bilbaoport website, nor the use that the Users, their employees or third parties make of the said bilbaoport website.

The APB will make every reasonable effort to ensure the bilbaoport website remains permanently available. However, any test operations, controls and maintenance will be freely chosen and undertaken by the APB at any time, whatever the procedures and means used to complete them.

The APB may temporarily or definitively suspend the services without this generating any kind of compensation in favour of the User in the event of the following circumstances:

  • where maintenance work is carried out
  • where it is necessary to preserve the integrity or security of the equipment, systems or networks of the APB or others
  • where justified by operational reasons related to itself or to others that affect the provision of services by the APB
  • in the event of force majeure

For these purposes, force majeure is understood, by way of example but without limitation, to:

  • all non-attributable events that were impossible to foresee or that, if foreseen or foreseeable, were unavoidable
  • all failures in the access to different bilbaoport website pages
  • failures in the electricity supply or telephone connection
  • damages caused by others or attacks on the bilbaoport website server (viruses) that affect the quality of the services and are not attributable to the APB or the User
  • failures in the transmission, distribution, storage or availability of the databases and other bilbaoport website contents
  • problems or errors in the reception and obtaining of or access to the bilbaoport website or the services by others

Data Protection

The APB guarantees that all data provided by Users to customer services is voluntary and confidential and under no circumstances will be transferred to other companies.

The APB follows all the data protection requirements established by the Spanish Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD) 15/1999 of 13 December and, in compliance therewith, the rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, which can be exercised by making your request to the Port Authority’s General Register with the reference “Data Protection”.(Campo de Volantín 37, 48007 Bilbao).

To receive information about your personal data, its ends and the parties it is shared with, contact the owner.

Data Controller and Owner

Types of data collected

The owner does not provide a list of the categories of personal data collected.

Complete information about each category of personal data gathered is provided in the sections of this Privacy Policy devoted to such an end, or through specific explanatory texts that are shown before collecting such data.

Personal data can be freely provided either by the user, or in the case of data usage, it will be automatically gathered when you use this application.

All the data requested by this application is obligatory, and a refusal to provide it might make it impossible for the application to render its services. When the application specifically indicates that certain data is not compulsory, users are free not to communicate such data without this bearing any consequences whatsoever on the availability or functioning of the service.

Users who have doubts about which data is compulsory should contact the owner.

The use of cookies – or other monitoring tools – by this application or by the owners of third-party services used by this application is aimed at providing the service requested by the user, besides any other aims described in the present document and in the cookies policy, if there is one.

The user assumes the responsibility regarding the personal data obtained from, published or shared via this application, and thereby declares that they have the consent of those third parties to provide the owner with such data.

Mode and place of processing collected data

Processing Modes

The data controller will process user data appropriately and take all the proper security measures in order to prevent unauthorised access to, disclosure, alteration or destruction of the data.

Data processing is carried out by computers and/or IT tools, following procedures and organisational modes strictly related to the marked ends. Besides the data controller, in some cases, other categories of persons with responsibilities for the functioning of the page will be able to access the data: these include administration, sales, marketing, the legal department and systems administration personnel, as well as those contracted externally to provide services to the data controller, such as technical and messenger services, hosting providers, IT companies and communication agencies, all of whom the owner will name as data controllers if necessary. At all times, it will be possible to request an updated list of such people from the data controller.


Data will be processed at the data controller’s operating centre, and in those places where other parties involved in such processing are situated. To obtain further information, please contact the data controller.

Conservation period

The data will be processed during the time necessary to carry out the service requested by the user, or during whatever time is necessary according to the aims set out in this document. The user can request at all times the interruption of the processing or the cancellation of the data.

Additional information concerning data collecting and its processing

Legal Defence

The user’s personal data can be used for the owner’s legal defence or in the pre-trial stages of a possible lawsuit deriving from the abusive use on the user’s behalf of the application, or of its related services.

The user is aware that the owner can be requested by public authorities to reveal personal data.

Additional information concerning personal user data

Besides the information contained in this privacy policy, this application can provide the user with contextual information regarding specific services or the collecting or the processing of personal data.

Data owners’ rights

The owners who personal data refers to have the right to obtain confirmation at any time that it has been stored by the data controller, to know its content and origin, to verify its accuracy or request it to be completed, cancelled, updated or rectified, to be anonymised or to block that personal data that is being processed in breach of the law and also to oppose its processing for any legal reason. Any such requests should be sent to the data controller using the contact information previously indicated.

This application does not allow “Do Not Track” requests.

In order to determine if any third-party services being used accept “Do Not Track” requests, please read their privacy policies.

System and maintenance log

Owing to working- and maintenance-related reasons, this application and whatever other third-party services that are used, can keep a log of the system: that is, archives that register interactions and that may contain personal data, such as the user IP address.

Information not contained in this privacy policy

Information about the collection and processing of personal data can be requested at any time from the data controller. Contact information can be found at the beginning of the present document.

Modification of this privacy policy

The data controller reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time by notifying the users through this page. It is strongly recommended to frequently check this page and to take the latest modification indicated at the end as a reference. If users are not in agreement with any of the modifications made to this policy, they should stop using the application, and they can request the data controller to eliminate their personal data. Unless otherwise stated, the current privacy policy will be applied to all the personal data collected by the data controller up until that time.

Information concerning this privacy policy

The data controller is responsible for this privacy policy.

Definitions and legal references

Personal data (or data)

Personal data means any information relating to a living individual who is or can be identified, albeit indirectly, either from any other information, or even by reference to a personal identification number.

Data usage

Information automatically collected by this application (or by third-party services used by the application) can include: the IP address or the domain names of the computers connected to this application employed by the user; URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses; request time, method used to make the request from the server, size of archive received in reply; the numeric code indicating the state of server reply (satisfactory result, error, etc.), country of origin; browser characteristics and the operating system used by the visitor; the different time coordinates of the visit (for example, the time spent on each of the pages), and the details concerning the route followed in the application, with special reference to the sequence of the pages consulted, the parameters concerning the operating system and the user’s computing environment.


The individual using this application, who must coincide with the data owner, or have been authorised by the same and whose personal data are the object of processing.

Data owner

The living individual or legal entity that the personal data refer to.

Data controller

The living individual, legal entity, public administration or any other institution, association or organisation authorised by the data controller to process the personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.

Data controller (or Owner)

The living individual, legal entity, public administration or any other institution, association or organisation, including in conjunction with other data controllers, that takes decisions about the purpose, the ways of processing the data, including security measures concerning the functioning and use of this application. Unless otherwise stated, the data controller is the owner of this application.

This Application

This refers to the hardware or software tool which is employed to collect personal user data.

Legal Information

Notice for European users: the present privacy policy statement has been drawn up in accordance with the obligations set out in Art. 10 Directive 95/46/CE, and in conformity with the regulations established in Directive 2002/58/CE, modified by Directive 2009/136/CE, regarding Cookies.

This privacy policy refers only to this application.

Last revised: 6 February 2018